History :

1985 Opening Rijks vliegerwinkel in Ommen (my official name is Rijk) and I traveled extensively throughout Europe with kite workshops – demonstrations and exhibitions with special projects like the exhibits in the Broerenkerk in Zwolle (1989). In the Ruhr, we participated in two major exhibitions and partner municipality of Zwolle Lünen in Germany.

2000 Founding of Space Art – Foundation with the aim of promoting the creativity of children so that they go out to play in all weathers, outdoor.

2012 Opening Kite Museum Ommen. In the first instance the private collection of the Foundation of which I have made most of the objects myselves, later complemented by international guest exhibitors. The foundation is an approved apprenticeship for  design students.

2016 Kite Museum comprises four years and attracts at this time more than a thousand visitors a year, 1st guest book is already full of positive reactions. The museum is outside on view 24/7 through the windows of the showroom and evenings specially illuminated by efficient LED spotlight, so the total number of visitors is much higher.

2021 November - moving to Stationsweg 24 Ommen


2022 Exhibition Jan Kits


2022 10 year lustrum 


2023 Exhibition S.F. Cody


2023 Exhibition Birds and Insects


2023 November Kitemuseum closed, no more Space available


The exhibition “De Tijd Vliegt” provides an overview of more than a hundred years Kite History.

The workshops and tours are also a task for the foundation and there is an increasing use made by schools, institutions, groups and individuals.

A private studio is also present where kites are designed and created.