My Name Is Riks Siemons, born in 1954.

My father was a pioneer in airsports so I was raised also with kites, model airplanes and gliders. I was flying solo on oltimer gliders when I was 14 years old. I did fly a lot of differend range gliders, from wood till the modern carbon versions.

When I was 15 years old I was solo hitch hiking to Istanbul Turkey, it was a great experience in my live.

My Father grounded a glider airport named Aero Club Salland in 1971 and I lived and worked there for a long time towing up the gliders and running the restaurant and camping together with my wife Maria.

I was selling the first Flexifoils, Peter Powels an Aces there and organized small kite meetings.

Professional kite develloping and building was born and I made a whole range of Deltastunters in that time (Micro, Ladyshave, Razorblade, Manta).

We started organizing Kite Festivals and workshops with the foundation Red Lux (1978)

In 1985 I started a Kite Shop in Ommen (Rijksvliegerwinkel) and we were visiting a lot of festivals in Europe and gave a lot of demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions with a highlight in 1989 in a big Church (Broerenkerk) in the center of Zwolle.

In 2000 I grounded the Foundation Space Art and in 2012 I started the Kite Museum in Ommen with the kites I made and collected through the years.

Space Art is also an official Stage place for students from the Art School CIBAP Zwolle.

the Museum was a car showroom with an office and stock room. Now it transformed to a Museum with atelier, one floor (3 rooms), 450 m2.

Most of the kites I made myself but I bought also kites. Sometimes I got also kites donated and also exchange them for a kite I made or material.

Space art has two small Kitefestivals ‘Kunst & Vliegwerk’ (June) and ‘One Sky One World (second sunday in oktober) in and nextdoor to the Museum.

Space Art organizes a lot of workshops in the Museum, schools and on location everywhere.

There is a library with books, magazines and video material.

The oldest Kites presented in the museum are from 1900 (Sperwer, Bird) 

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